2:30am 11-23-2012
Yours is a very useful site . We at want to get affiliated to you.
2:02pm 08-22-2012
Spyder Darling
Great site, I get hypoglycemia just reading the home page! For more sticky sweet glam punk rock action check out Spyder Darling Band
2:20pm 07-20-2011
Lou Doom
Hey guys, Just stopping by to give best wishes, horns up, and Rock 'N Roll!
~Lou Doom
Executive Editor / Art Director of Rock Show Magazine
4:32pm 07-14-2011
Ron Anger
Just dropping by to say "hi." I always enjoy reading SugarBuzz Magazine. Keep up the great work!
1:30pm 07-08-2011
Great to see the int. with Jeff Ward. I saw Gunfire Dance about thirteen times, more than i've seen any other band, fantastic, great times. Jeff's a very nice guy, as was singer Ant R.I.P. Get their cd if you havn't already.
Also I noticed that Jeff talked about The Hollywood Refugees/Suicide Blonde, as I stated here below, someone should make that stuff available.
Cheers and Rock 'N' Roll, Nick.
10:26am 06-29-2011
christopher duda
but i didnt inhale
12:11pm 05-20-2011
Bill Stoner
Sugarbuzz is my new religion and Duda is my savior.
1:11pm 05-08-2011
Hello there, fantastic site. Check out the bands Glenn Tranter mentioned in the interview, The Hollywood Refugees (who he was a member of) and Suicide Blonde on Youtube (none of it ever come out on cd). Type in "Hollywood Refugees Suicide Blonde", that should get you to some of their songs. I'm sure many of the people here will love it, fantastic rock and roll, very Dolls/Thunders/Dogs D'amour/Joneses sounding. I wish someone would release it. Cheers Nick.
1:49pm 05-05-2011
Mark Lemon
Hi, I was asked to play on the Bountyhunters album, infact I played lead 12 string on 1 track. Was in early Jacobites. Now doing Village Green Machine. Give me a shout if you fancy a chat best Mark
9:24pm 04-27-2011
9:24pm 04-27-2011
10:35am 04-13-2011
7:49am 03-26-2011 fave band of all time and has been for years. trying very hard to like the new dolls cd but i see it as a david jo solo lp in a sense...i bet all the conte haters are now saying..what the fuck...
conte come back...motley crue and poison...sure they influenced them but this is an all time low................head hung in sorrow.....the dolls are dead
2:56pm 03-09-2011
Texas Terri is my new drug!
9:46am 02-17-2011
Great interview with Micky and Joe. I didn't know about their new group. Thanks for the info.
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