9:12am 03-11-2009
christopher duda
hey bryen. nice piece.
(get you mind out of the gutter -pervert)
5:50pm 02-23-2009
Hey Gio!! WOW man...thanks for stopping by.... hey Sugarbuzz is free... and on line only..... not in print I'm afraid, but I would have trouble getting the print version to all 80+ countries around the world that read SugarBuzz. So on-line works for us.
Anyway, thanks, and you really rock Gio..... dug The Coma-Tones, what ya doing now????

10:33am 02-23-2009
hey dimitri,hope all's well,just learing this computer shit(1 finger typist)maybe you can let me know how to subscribe w/out using a credit card,I dig the mag.And I'm so glad our songs made your world a little more rocklicious...take care
3:50pm 02-08-2009
jim motherfucker
ya got that right trenton. duda kept posting shit about blast and i finally checked it out as well. a real treasure. dont tell anyone though i hate when shit gets thing you know he will be touring with britney. and btw where the fuck is duda.....more pods,more suds,more more more
9:33am 02-06-2009
Peter Blast again? Good thing cause now I am paying attention. I see why you guys keep covering him. He is a unique talent in a sea of drudgery. Thanks for adding the video so I could see it first hand. Great stuff.
4:00pm 02-05-2009
lucky -
man you are really overworked aren't you? ya gots my respect cause it's obvious you bust your ass to do your day job & keep this zine up & running. kudos, man. let's hear it for the working class heroes! keep on rocking like fuck! there are so many of us out here who REALLY appreciate what you do.
7:01am 02-02-2009
Chris Rockson
Second Hand interviews?? That's groundbreaking stuff....Yawn!
3:28pm 01-22-2009
Yo niggas!
I just read that article about Nadir D' Priest (yes I know, it's old).
It was awesome! I wish I could have been there for that show!!!

3:52pm 01-06-2009
hey about keepin' those podthings comin'
my ears need feedin'
11:06am 01-06-2009
Jim A
Hi Lucky -

Happy New Year
Dirt Bike Kid
6:52am 12-20-2008
Santa came early thanks to Duda
1:46pm 12-11-2008
where is duda? I want new podcast man!
8:27pm 12-03-2008
your mag sure has balls!
8:42am 11-14-2008
Rock on!
Hornz Up
8:50am 11-10-2008
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