6:14pm 12-24-2009
I loved your review of my daughter's band Circus Asylum! All of us in our small town of Battle Creek Michigan are so proud of our kids!
2:11pm 12-14-2009
The Steel Panther interview is amazing! I think I pee'd my panties!
2:51pm 12-09-2009
Noam Chomsky
Tudor Kline, Pepsi Sheen, Geordie P., rock on.
11:20am 11-19-2009
Everybody's Feeling Groovy
Everybody's Got Tight Pants On
Oh.. My Yellow Pills!!!
9:23pm 10-22-2009
patriots unite
progressives/patriots unite...the left vs. right is a sham. bipartisanship is a sham. diebold voting boxes are a sham.

it's the people versus the power-holders. make this go viral, repost it everywhere. we all have to do our part.

Patrick Leahey (D-VT) petition on human rights abuses
7:07pm 10-12-2009
are we not light on the punk stuff lately......fuck the glam metal poseur sock stuffin' skinny jean sausage wannabe girlie walmart fake iconic tit slappin,pud pullin', testicle taping,nipple bitin',big long dong dildo fuck wad wankery!
2:30pm 10-04-2009
messy lover
SEXMESS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7:57pm 09-24-2009
Paulie the Panda
A woman wants to take Gov. Charlie Crist to court.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Carmen Reynolds has named Crist, Attorney General Bill McCollum and Florida Surgeon General Ana Viamonte Ros in a lawsuit in Santa Rosa County Circuit Court that challenges a state statute governing public health.

“I am retired military, so I understand about following orders and towing the line and falling in,” she said. “But, this is very troubling.”

Reynolds, who is serving as her own attorney, is opposed to a section of the statute that allows law enforcement to use any means necessary to vaccinate a resident in case if an emergency.

Chapter 381.00315(1)(b)4 says a person can be forced to be tested, vaccinated, treated, examined or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to the public.

“I’m not against all vaccines, but I’m against any provision in any state statute that says we must forego all of our rights and, at the arbitrary whim of either our state government or our federal government, be subject to any and all force necessary to subject us to a vaccine. We’re talking physical force,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds will appear in court in October to fight a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Attorneys for Crist and McCollum say the case should have been filed in Tallahassee. The motion also argues that Reynolds did not have the right to file a lawsuit because she did not say how she is affected by the law.

According to the motion, “A challenge to a statute may only be brought by one whose rights or duties are affected or prejudiced by it.”

The motion also said Crist and McCollum should not have been named as defendants. The state official or agency responsible for enforcing the law was the only one that should be prosecuted.

Reynolds filed an objection and then filed a motion to schedule a hearing.

“This is important to me because I believe it is a clear violation of many of the items in our Bill of Rights for the state of Florida and in our Florida Constitution. It’s a violation of our basic rights, our due process, our ability to be free of searches and seizures, excessive punishments. It violates privacy rights and all of that is stipulated in my case,” Reynolds said. “Nobody should be fearful of going to bed at night and being told that they will either go into a quarantined facility or be subject to any and all force necessary.”

Reynolds was forced to retire as an instructor at Hurlburt Field because of health issues. She believes her problems may have been caused by vaccinations she was required to take.

She has since written a 105-page study on vaccinations and found that there was very little quality control.

“These are not tried and true vaccines. They’re actually harmful,” Reynolds said. “They impact the immune system in a very negative way and they’re rushing these vaccines to production and this is all about a profit motive.”

Profit or no profit, Reynolds still would disapprove of the statute’s provision because it violates her rights. She said it gives the government omnipotent control.

Reynolds’ lawsuit is not political, but he says others would feel just as strongly about the issue if they are made aware.

“We’re seeing this more and more throughout our federal government and I was just shocked to find it in our state provisions,” Reynolds said. “We don’t even know about things like this until we’re made to comply.”
2:53pm 09-18-2009
Larry the Lion
Like the Rev Jones interview. He is an awesome talent. Rock N Write needs to stick around. Also, Lucky get the staff page back up, I like to check out the rogues gallery from time to time.
9:24am 09-17-2009
Down In Dixieland
Cool Cary Doll did a great job on the PETER BLAST review!
Liked the Conte piece as well!
7:13am 09-14-2009
Peter Blast
Hey I'd like to thank Lucky / Sugarbuzz & Cary Doll for the cool review of my CD "EXPLODE".
Cheers to All!!!
12:04pm 09-10-2009
Unknown Superior
Nice Nader piece. Speaking of Propaganda....what was that whole piece on Billy Hopeless? Good God, You'd think the guy invented punk rock or something. Instead he's just embarassingly funny copy of real legends, who's found a way to get others to provide him a very very small forum of recognition. The Black Halos albums are subpar at best and his contribution has always been the worst part of it. They never stood a chance.
11:02pm 09-04-2009
Dr. Beter

The Nader Page
Sept. 4, 2009

Words Matter

Ever wonder what’s happening to words once they fall into the hands of corporate and government propagandists? Too often reporters and editors don’t wonder enough. They ditto the words even when the result is deception or doubletalk.

Here are some examples. Day in and day out we read about “detainees” imprisoned for months or years by the federal government in the U.S., Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan. Doesn’t the media know that the correct word is “prisoners,” regardless of what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld disseminated?

The raging debate and controversy over health insurance and the $2.5 trillion spent this year on health care involves consumers and “providers.” How touching to describe sellers or vendors, often gouging, denying benefits, manipulating fine print contracts, cheating Medicare and Medicaid in the tens of billions as “providers.”

I always thought “providers” were persons taking care of their families or engaging in charitable service. Somehow, the dictionary definition does not fit the frequently avaricious profiles of Aetna, United Healthcare, Pfizer and Merck.

“Privatization” and the “private sector” are widespread euphemisms that the press falls for daily. Moving government owned assets or functions into corporate hands, as with Blackwater, Halliburton, and the conglomerates now controlling public highways, prisons, and drinking water systems is “corporatization,” not the soft imagery of going “private” or into the “private sector.” It is the corporate sector!

“Medical malpractice reform” is another misnomer. It used to mean restricting the legal rights of wrongfully injured people by hospitals and doctors, or limiting the liability of these corporate vendors when their negligence harms innocent patients. Well, to anybody interested in straight talk, “medical malpractice reform” or the “medical malpractice crisis” should apply to bad or negligent practices by medical professionals. After all, about 100,000 people die every year from physician/hospital malpractice, according to a Harvard School of Public Health report. Hundreds of thousands are rendered sick or injured, not to mention even larger tolls from hospital-induced infections. Proposed “reforms” are sticking it to the wrong people—the patients—not the sellers.

“Free trade” is a widely used euphemism. It is corporate managed trade as evidenced in hundreds of pages of rules favoring corporations in NAFTA and the World Trade Organization. “Free trade” lowers barriers between countries so that cartels, unjustified patent monopolies, counterfeiting, contraband, and other harmful practices and products can move around the world unhindered.

What is remarkable about the constant use of these words is that they permeate the language even if those who stand against the policies of those who first coin these euphemisms. You’ll read about “detainees” and “providers” and “privatization” and “private sector” and “free trade” in the pages of the Nation and Progressive magazines, at progressive conferences with progressive leaders, and during media interviews. After people point out these boomeranging words to them, still nothing changes. Their habit is chronic.

A lot of who we are, of what we do and think is expressed through the language we choose. The word tends to become the thing in our mind as Stuart Chase pointed out seventy years ago in his classic work The Tyranny of Words. Let us stop disrespecting the dictionary! Let’s stop succumbing to the propagandists and the public relations tricksters!

Frank Luntz—the word wizard for the Republicans who invented the term “death tax” to replace “estate tax” is so contemptuous of the Democratic Party’s verbal ineptitude (such as using “public option” instead of “public choice” and regularly using the above-noted misnomers) that he dares them by offering free advice to the Democrats. He suggests they could counteract his “death tax” with their own term “the billionaires’ tax.” There were no Democratic takers. Remember, words matter.

Using words that are accurate and at face value is one of the characteristics of a good book. Three new books stand out for their straight talk. In Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-party Tyranny, Theresa Amato, my former campaign manager, exposes the obstructions that deny voter choice by the two major parties for third party and independent candidates. Just out is Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle by Pulitzer Prize winner, Chris Hedges. Lastly, the boisterous, mischievous short autobiography of that free spirit, Jerry Lee Wilson , The Soloflex Story: An American Parable.

Not withstanding their different styles, these authors exercise semantic discipline.


Front Groups – The Hidden Persuaders

The Wires that Control the Public Mind (2008)

Nader Was Right: Liberals are Going Nowhere With Obama by Chris Hedges
9:39am 08-26-2009
Laurie Anne Smith
Hey Lucky.....Great hearing from you. Sorry about your server issues! Sounds awful! Thanks for getting back to me. Hope you are well.
Take care.

2:34pm 08-25-2009
Hey Laurie, as most know by now.. our server crashed and SugarBuzz went down in flames..... I have been busy uploading 7 years worth of articles to bring us back better than ever and still have a bit of a chore ahead. I will look for it and if the great internet void didn't swallow it up, I will repost it soon.

Thanks !!!!
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