2:05pm 05-22-2009
hey lucky! was that you I saw at The Whisky last night?
I tried to talk to you but I got distracted by my friend and when I turned around you were gone.
Call me when you can.
10:43pm 05-14-2009
Fantastic job on the Holding Mercury article! Kudos to Stephanie for her work. It's so refreshing to find a presence on the web that helps Indie artists. I'm going to get to go to my first HM show this June, and I can hardly wait. "Downfall of an Empire" is a fantastic CD. There's not one bad track on the disc. Thanks for shining the spotlight on this great group from Chicago.
7:42pm 05-14-2009
cracking up on your last comment -- you sitting on your ass at a desk...uh yeah, so am I! lol babes, just me, the computer, and a cup o coffee to get the juices to keep this puppy alive. oh wait, meow meow...

we write the reviews! this is OUR mag..alll the writers need to claim it dammit and start coughing up more COOL shit!
12:59pm 05-14-2009
Great article on Holding Mercury. I love their CD. I would love to see them live. I bet they ROCK!
4:22pm 05-13-2009
Really enjoyed the article on Holding Mercury!
Now I need to find out when they'll be coming to California.
2:41pm 05-13-2009
Excellent interview with Matt Hoffer and his band Holding Mercury. You should really check these guys out. The CD ROCKS!
12:06pm 05-13-2009
Thanks for the AWESOME interview with Matt Hoffer about Holding Mercury.......ROCK ON!!!!
6:54am 05-13-2009
The Holding Mercury article rocks! Thanks for a great read!
2:07am 04-29-2009
Rob Lane
Thanks so much for the killer BulletBoys Review!!! Hope to see you again soon. xx
2:56pm 04-20-2009
21 JumpStreet
Ah too bad Bobby Durango didn't write most of the new Rock City Angels album, nor did anyone get paid for their time playing on the record.. nor did the real writer of half of the songs (that he stole from his previous band without asking permission) get paid nor even a simple 'thank you for letting me steal your material' in the small print liner notes of the release. And the picture of the natives painted red.. that isn't public domain and I'm sure the photographer didn't get paid. You can call Use Once And Destroy a DIY effort if you want but really it was the effort of a lot of unpaid people, and the guy getting all money from sales and all the credit is just another has-been, Used Once and Destroyed by David Geffen's attorneys. Dont ya just love Rock And Roll?
9:20am 04-20-2009
rock and roll saved my soul
9:47pm 04-14-2009
whatever it takes Lucky...where's 4PM???? i'm ready to send you yet another one, but didn't wan to until this one was up. Now THAT wouldn't be nice now would it? xjillian (LIC)
10:59am 04-06-2009
great Rock City Angels review Lucky
5:18pm 03-16-2009
I know what you did last night Lucky......... you bad boy!
12:09pm 03-14-2009
megan meyers
I can't wait to see the Anvil movie. Thanks.
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